Spirit Connection Investigations Associates


Theresa "T" Koenke Diaz
Paranormal Investigator




Originally an East Coast girl, T has called Colorado home since 1998.  Having had a lifelong fascination with the paranormal, T took that interest to the next level by investigating with local paranormal investigation groups.  She particularly enjoys exploring historical locations and using the tools of the trade during investigations, her trusty K2 meter and the inexpensive Maglite being favorites.  She enjoys investigating with a debunking approach and finds it satisfying to be able to help and educate clients.
When not staying up too late ghost hunting, T has a degree in education, is a medical transcriptionist by profession, a voice talent, the proud mama of a wonderful young man, and the ever overly obliging human of one Miss Graycie cat. She enjoys, among many other things, catching live music and catching up on sleep whenever possible!



Bob Foster
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Researcher



Bob and his wife became interested in the paranormal after visiting the Gettysburg Battlefield in 2008 and capturing a very ghostly ectoplasm photo. Since then they have stayed in the most haunted rooms in several known haunted hotels experiencing and documenting unexplained phenomena.

Bob is interested in establishing what forces are that cause spirits to be active at certain times and not at other times. His focus on investigations is to determine if there is a logical reason for the claimed activity.

Instruments of choice for Bob’s use in investigations are the night vision video camera, a digital camera, a TriField EMF meter, and the trusty digital voice recorder.

He is currently retired with areas of expertise in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Radio Frequency transmission and reception. Bob is also an Extra Class licensed radio amateur. He has a love for still photography and past experience with videography.


Joey Stanford
Paranormal Investigator
SCI's Electronics "Guru"



Joey loves to use technology in an attempt to determine if events have a rational explanation as well as to further the study of paranormal activity. He is also an Extra Class licensed radio amateur.

He’s been an active paranormal investigator for over 20 years. One of the main reasons Joey investigates, is to make sure that people feel safe in their own homes. Psychics and mediums can come in and report on all manner of things but that doesn’t always make a panicked person at ease. Often it makes them more scared. By finding rational explanations to as many things as possible we can help those people. Any activity we can’t explain is then ripe for the paranormal side. We can then do all manner of experiments to see if we can tease out more information on this big mystery.

Joey is currently the VP of Privacy and Security at a cloud hosting company in Paris. By night he enjoys researching the paranormal and using available technology to shine a light onto the unknown by producing compelling evidence.